The BLCO® Leather Covered Journal is the ideal place to document your goals and track the progress towards your action plan in a timely basis. Since the 192 page notebook features month/day/subject headers, it gives the user flexibility to execute their goals according to their desired timeline while avoiding wasted space in the pages. The BLCO® Leather Covered Journal features a smooth vegetable tanned leather exterior with durable angular stitching and a unique artistic natural free-form front flap. Each BLCO® Leather Covered Journal is different due to the variation in the finish of the flap and vegetable leather tanning being a natural process.  The high quality leather exterior is smooth to the touch and gives the notebook a refined charisma. The BLCO® Leather Covered Journal design maximizes the life of the Journal by allowing the user to easily replace the notebook with another BLCO® Journal refill when the included notebook is finished. The BLCO®  Leather Covered Journal has a unique signature BLCO® loop around closure system that can be used to secure items that you need immediate access to while adding to its stylish appeal. Measures (L x W): 10.25" x 7.75"

BLCO® Leather Covered Journal

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