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The BLCO® Slim Wallet is a beautiful, stylish, and versatile wallet designed to cater to the lifestyles of students, business professionals, minimalists, and commuters. It embodies the ultimate thin and modern minimalist design, keeping up with the trends of today's generation that is moving towards a cashless society, relying more on digital payments and reducing the need for physical credit cards and cash.

Our wallet features a single sleeve middle main compartment that provides easy access to accommodate 4-5 credit-card size cards. Additionally, the front sleeve offers convenient accessibility for carrying essentials such as your student ID or Driver's license. To further enhance its functionality, the BLCO® Slim Wallet features a beautiful solid brass clip that securely holds anything life throws your way throughout the day, be it cash, receipts, or business cards.

Skilled leather artisans handcraft each BLCO® Slim Wallet with precision and care in our workshop located in Rolling Hills Estates. We take pride in creating products that are built to last a lifetime, ensuring their durability and longevity.

BLCO® is synonymous with quality, premium craftsmanship, and durable leather products. We are dedicated to providing exceptional products that meet the highest standards. If, by any chance, your BLCO® Slim Wallet encounters any issues, we stand by our products for a lifetime. Simply return it to our warranty center, and we will take care of it—whether by fixing it or replacing it. Your satisfaction and the durability of our products are of utmost importance to us. Rest assured that BLCO® represents quality, premium materials, and reliable leather products.

BLCO® Slim Wallet

SKU: 632835642834572
    • BLCO® Slim Wallet
    • Front Sleeve ( 1 Card)
    • Main Sleeve Compartment  (1-3 Cards and some Cash)
    • Money Clip or Business Card holder. 
    • 100% Genuine Leather 
    • Handmade in Rolling Hills Estates
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