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The BLCO® Pocket Protector with a 3" flap is meticulously handmade using beautiful European premium-grade raw leather. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of various professionals such as tradesmen, electricians, land surveyors, utility facilities workers, building inspectors, carpenters, as well as students and educators.

The BLCO® Pocket Protector boasts the ultimate thin design, providing a practical and stylish solution for everyday carry. It serves as an ideal gift for anyone in your life who requires a pocket protector to conveniently hold and organize their pens, rulers, glasses, utility knife, small tools, and more.

Skilled leather artisans craft each BLCO® Pocket Protector with utmost precision and care in our workshop located in Rolling Hills Estates. We take pride in producing leather products that are built to last, ensuring their durability and longevity.

BLCO® represents quality, premium craftsmanship, and durable leather products. We are committed to providing exceptional products that meet the highest standards. If, by any chance, your BLCO® Pocket Protector encounters any issues, we stand by our products for a lifetime. Simply return it to our warranty center, and we will take care of it—whether by fixing it or replacing it. Your satisfaction and the durability of our products are our top priorities. Rest assured that BLCO® stands for quality, premium materials, and reliable leather products.

BLCO® Pocket Protector

    • 3 inch Flap can be personalized with your company logo. 
    • Pocket Protector, hold and organize your pens, rulers, glasses, utility knife, small tools, etc 
    • Small Tool Organizer
    • Great Gift
    • 100% Genuine Leather 
    • Handmade in Rolling Hills Estates
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